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ORGPRO 2015 Education Sessions
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Thursday, June 11

10:45 a.m. 12:00 p.m. Reinvention

Marketing Communications: 75 Ideas in 75 Minutes
Presented by: Ted Fox, CEO, 3T Communications
Come and share your innovative and not-so-innovative ideas to boost marketing and communications at your association. As you evaluate successful and failed campaigns, you’ll discover how to maneuver your boat through the unpredictable waters or change. In addition to building your network to bounce ideas, you’ll leave with tips to entice and engage your members.

Farm to Fork: Expanding the Association Industry’s Impact on Michigan’s Economy           
Presented by: Kent Lenzen, CMP, Director of Sales, The Lansing Center and Jeff Langer, Chef, The Lansing Center
As a top 10 industry in Michigan, associations play an integral role in growing Michigan’s economy. We can expand and increase this impact by using Michigan products at our meetings and events. During this interactive and tasty session, you’ll witness first-hand how changing your menus increases the economic impact on the region where you host the meeting, tantalizes your taste buds and provide a unique experience for members.

Rising Above the Noise: A Blueprint for a New Era of Member Engagement           
Presented by: Stuart Meyer, President and Founder, Social Frequency Media Communications
To lead, sustain and grow your association’s future, it’s not enough to merely execute the strategic mission, goals and activities of the organization. To succeed as a top association executive and leader in today’s shifting landscape, you must also navigate a digital environment which requires you to fight and rise above the ever-increasing digital noise to achieve the level of reach, engagement, visibility and influence required to sustain and grow.

Creatively Expand Your Network
Presented by: Judy Brosky, CLU, ChFC, Founder and CEO,The Moxie Mentor
To build a strong and vibrant organization, you first need to discover the powerful connections your members, employees, and board members often unknowingly possess, and then you need to capitalize on them. When you learn how to use the Relationship Capital of these staunch supporters to identify and unlock previously untapped resources, to open new doors, and to secure warm introductions, your opportunities become endless. Excite discovery and build a spirited Team of sleuths as you lead your task force to uncover relationship capital heretofore untouched by old school methods and guide them to find hidden nuggets of information and connections to the people and companies currently on your wish list.

  Customer Service Excellence without the “P” Word
Presented by: Laura A. Simms, Risk and Safety Specialists, Costaff
Stop angering clients or customers by citing policy, even if you need to enforce it. Instead of saying “no,” learn how to share what you can do and endear your clients or customers to your organization. In the end, your clients and customers will complimentary testify that your association provides member value and exceeds its return on investment.

Sales Call on Line 1
Presented by: Nick Hussein, GMS, Senior Association/Government Sales Manager, DoubleTree By Hilton Bay City-Riverfront,and Ken Fortier, Owner, Author, CEO, NetPlus Connections
In taking a step back to understand the mutual roles of planners and suppliers, meeting planners will receive a better understanding on why your phone rings and a supplier is on the other line. As a benefit to suppliers, they will understand the resource constraints of meeting planners and why they dread their calls. Through this interactive and learning discussion, you will obtain the win-win solution.

1:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. Relevance

Leverage Social Media Networks
Presented by: Kasie Smith, President, Serendipity Media, LLC
During this session, attendees will explore successful social strategies for associations. We will identify what made them successful, determine effective practices to grow member engagement, and share reporting metrics that sell social to stakeholders.

Effective Evaluations: Show me the Data
Presented by: Aaron Wolowiec, MSA, CAE, CMP, CTA, Founder and President, Event Garde, LLC 
Are you making changes to your large annual meeting this year? Are the changes based on the needs of one outspoken member, the rumblings of an education committee or the facts presented in a conference evaluation? During this interactive session, identify the steps in effective meeting evaluation, examine various meeting evaluation techniques and walk away with an evaluation strategy that comprises stakeholder outreach before, during and after your next meeting.

  Membership: 75 Ideas in 75 Minutes
Presented by: Ted Fox, CEO, 3T Communications
Member value, member value and even more member value racks the brains and challenges the minds of membership leaders in recruiting and sustaining members. Always seeking fresh ideas and new approaches, membership staff continues to glean from the latest trends and analysis. Through this interactive and engaging workshop, you’ll learn, tweak or scrap ideas in providing member value to your association.

Hardwired to Win
Presented by: Lisa Mininni, MSA, MCBC, President, Excellerate Associates
The personality and behavior of every person on earth are deeply rooted in their natural wiring or "hardwiring". Wiring dictates the type of environment in which a person is best equipped to thrive and succeed, and the kind of environment they prefer to live and work. This new understanding gives you access to ‘how’ wiring impacts an individual’s actions eliminating much of the mystery of why people do what they do. With this new found knowledge, you are able to improve organizational engagement by as much as 93%. Regardless if you're new to business or have been in business a while, you will discover a brand new distinction on how to powerfully communicate with your employees, clients, and those people who are most important to you.

Why do good people fail?
Presented by: Velma Hart, CAE, Chief Financial Officer, Thurgood Marshall College Fund
Why do good people fail?  Is failure deadly or can you recover?  Where do you go from failure?  In this session, we will discuss what failure is and is not and what it really means to fail.  We will also discuss proven recovery tactics that work and reinvent those who use them.


Contract Perspectives: Association and Vendor Viewpoint
Presented by: Stephanie Fisher, CMP, Director of Education, Michigan Bankers Association
Stephen O. Schultz, Founding Partner, Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC
Donna Trudell, Group Sales Manager, MotorCity Casino Hotel
Facilitated by: Z. Kay Fitzpatrick, J.D., CAE, Owner, Zeek Consulting

Compare and contrast the myriad of views as it relates to attrition; concessions negotiation; indemnification; insurance and more with a twist from a legal perspective. Back by popular demand from MSAE’s Law Symposium, you’ll discover why both executives and meeting planners found this engaging workshop practical and eye-opening to mitigate risks.

3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Relevance




Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing Tactics
Presented by: Kasie Smith, President, Serendipity Media, LLC
Content is king! Learn successful tactics to identify value content based on SEO, leverage your association’s content to grow your community, gain new members, and provide value to your current membership.




Presented by: Terry Terry, President, MessageMakers
You want to make your programs and communications creative, exciting, and engaging.  And you want to achieve improvements in measurable results.  Experience how using the emotional design methods - EmotionFlow@ - developed over the past 35 years by a cutting edge producer of major programs and communications worldwide for multi-national companies, organizations and associations - can take you and your organization to new heights!


The Biggest Sales Opportunity You’re Missing Today…and what to do about it
Presented by: Ken Fortier, Owner, Author, CEO, NetPlus Connections
What is the biggest obstacle between where you are today and what you’d like to achieve? Are you at a loss for leads, uncertain what new avenues to explore? Do you have an established book of business, but suspect you could be doing so much more? Do you just wish that work wasn’t so much work? Come and join us and hear NetPlus Connections' author and co-founder Ken Fortier as he reveals the biggest source of leads you're overlooking… and what to do about it. You'll come away armed with insights that you can put to work in your business the very next day.

Be a Bold Leader
Presented by: Lisa Mininni, MSA, MCBC, President, Excellerate Associates
Whether you're a supervisor, coach, mentor or manager, you have the ability to influence outcomes. Yet, many leaders get stuck in the day-to-day activities finding themselves busy or disempowered rather than productive and in inspired action.


How To Make That Elusive Work-Live Balance a Reality
Presenter: Susan Combs, Founder, Susan Combs Coaching & Consulting
How can we make a sustained contribution to our organizations, our families, and our communities if we are constantly burning the candle at both ends?  Come learn from Executive Coach Susan Combs the keys to achieving work-life balance.  Workshop participants will be introduced to several coaching tools and will leave the workshop with ideas they can immediately put into practice to lead a saner, happier life.

Building Your Sales Portfolio
Presented by: Kirk Armstrong, President and Founder, Armstrong Coaching, LLC
In this advanced sales training workshop, you’ll discover how to sell more effectively using advanced techniques, ask and answer the right questions to build sales and a systematic approach that yields better sales. Instead of just sustaining your sales portfolio, you’ll leave knowing how to build it.


Friday, June 12

10:45 a.m. -12:15 p.m. Rejuvenation

 10:45 a.m. -12:08 p.m.

Rejuvenation: Inspirational Insights
  Collaboration – Using Networks
Presented by: Coleen King, President and Founder, King Media
In this Rejuvenation: Inspirational Insights presentation, you’ll discover the tips and tools to collaborate and build networks for success.

Borrowing Brilliance – Embrace New Ideas
Presented by: Bob Thomas, IOM, CAE, CMP, Sr Director of Operations & Executive Director, Michigan Chamber Foundation, Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Aaron Wolowiec, MSA, CAE, CMP, CTA, Founder & President, Event Garde
Through this Rejuvenation: Inspirational Insights presentation, you’ll learn how to measure the effectiveness of your meetings through this revolutionary audit meeting tool.

Communication – Deliver Passion
Presented by: Gregory Nasto, President, Mousetrap Mobile
Mobile applications continue to evolve and further engage members at conventions, meetings and events. At this Rejuvenation: Inspirational Insights presentation, learn how to deliver passion and communicate on the go.

Performance – Be Effective
Presented by: David Chinsky, Founder and CEO, Institute for Leadership Fitness
Greatness is upon you, but you need to apply yourself. Through this inspirational Rejuvenation: Inspirational Insights presentation, embrace and display the keys of success to be an effective performer.

 10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.



Time, Project and People Management Using MS Outlook
Presenter: Randy Dean, MBA, President, Randall Dean Consulting & Training, LLC
You may have attended Randy Dean's popular course on Taming the E-mail Beast Using MS Outlook in the past, but now Randy wants to take you to the next level - how can you use your Outlook to better manage your key projects, your key clients, your key people, and, of course, your time and e-mail.  Randy will show you how you can use Microsoft Outlook as a critical time/project management tool, helping you to find your focus and get both the most important and urgent things done. 

1:45 p.m. -3:45 p.m.

1:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


ASAE Volunteer Orientation
Explore, learn and obtain training for one of the myriad volunteer opportunities available at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting and Expo in Detroit. In addition to showcasing the Motor City, you’ll experience the unique learning and networking opportunities available at this national organizational professional convention. If you can’t afford to go to ASAE for the first time ever in Michigan, you can volunteer and go. In order to participate in the ASAE Volunteer Orientation, you must be registered for the full conference or single-day conference.

1:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Time, Project, and People Management Using Gmail/Google Productivity Tools
Presenter: Randy Dean, MBA, President, Randall Dean Consulting & Training, LLC
Yes, Randy Dean has been teaching high-level MS Outlook strategies for more than 15 years, but did you know that he has also been teaching for a few years now how to do many of these same strategies using Gmail and other tools in the Google Productivity Suite?  Randy can show you how you can create and use a web-based, cloud-based, browser-based time, project, people, and e-mail management system using Google productivity tools - a system that, once set up, will automatically sync with your smart phones and/or tablets. 




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