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Wednesday July 9

10:45 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

What is Your Legacy?
Presented by: Ronald Robb, Founder and CEO, myTEAM TRIUMPH
There are many excellent motivational presentations, but too often they leave an audience fired up without providing specific, practical strategies for how they can turn their “heat” into “light.” Today’s world requires more of us than ever. Learning how to RISE ABOVE in life and career is what Ron Robb understands and imparts to his audience.  No matter what your goals are, or your station in life, Ron will inspire you, motivate you, and give you achievable “take aways” that will impact your world and leave a lasting impression.

How, When, How Much…A 365 Day Member Communication Plan
Presented by: Scott Oser, President, Scott Oser Associates
When was the last time your member communication went beyond the standard welcome packet or invoice and reached out in a meaningful way? Gather your team and join us in learning about an association that used resources across the organization to increase their retention rates and member satisfaction through regular communication. You are guaranteed to walk away with ideas you can implement immediately following the session.
Sponsored by: Frankenmuth Chamber and Convention & Visitors Bureau

Supplier Bootcamp: Take 2
Presented by: Nick Hussein, GMS, Area Sales Manager, Hotel Investment Services, Inc.; and Robin Goodenough, CTA, Director of Sales & Marketing, Crowne Plaza Lansing West
Here’s the second installment of last year’s session. This is an opportunity for veteran sales executives to share strategies with emerging professionals. Learn some tricks of the trade and discover what seasoned industry leaders wish they would’ve known at the beginning of their careers. Challenges and strengths of the hospitality business will be identified and how to use both to your advantage.

Strategic Meeting Audits: Leverage Big Data to Improve ROI
Presented by: Bob Thomas, IOM, CAE, CMP, Senior Director of Operations, Michigan Chamber of Commerce & Executive Director, Michigan Chamber Foundation; and Aaron D. Wolowiec, MSA, CAE, CMP, CTA, the Meetings Coach, Event Garde LLC
Are you under the impression that all associations are experiencing diminished attendance at their in-person events? Has your organization’s meetings function experienced a year-over-year revenue decline since the Michigan recession began in 2007? When’s the last time your leadership team considered the goals and objectives of its signature events? Meetings veterans Bob Thomas and Aaron Wolowiec have developed a revolutionary audit tool your organization should consider using to not only establish program-related goals and objectives, but also to evaluate success and to plan for the future. This new and highly effective strategic meetings management approach – the one you’d develop given the time – will be presented via a real-world case study and small group work. Prepare to leave with action steps you can immediately apply to your organization to improve ROI for both you (strategic planning and financial performance) and your members (learning and networking).
Sponsored by: (C) Systems

There’s an App for That: How Smart Phones and Tablets are Transforming Associations, Tradeshows and Events
Presented by: Corbin Ball, CSP, CMP, DES, MS, President, Corbin Ball Associates
Most meetings and trade show attendees are carrying web-enabled phones. These powerful pocket computers are increasingly being used for networking, lead exchange, electronic ticketing, way finding, audience polling, surveys, pocket programs, pocket exhibit guides, course notes/literature collection and much more. New phone apps for events are emerging daily. This program will cover the hottest new mobile trends for meetings and what is likely coming in the next few years.
Sponsored by: Crystal Mountain

Deep Dive Sessions
these sessions dig deeper into content and run for two concurrent breakout sessions. A break will be offered during your session at the midway point.

Wednesday | 1:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.





LinkedIn - Uncovering the Power
Presented by: Shari Berger, CHSP, Owner, Consultant, Trainer, Strategic Solutions for Growth
On-Line Networking and Business Development:  LinkedIn, how are you using it to leverage member and client relationships?  Are you putting this free tool to work for you?  Learn why LinkedIn = Strategic, Relevant, Relationship and how LinkedIn is a social media tool to:
  • Build your network to increase sales and recruitment production
  • Discover greater success with prospecting for new members or clients     
  • Build stronger referrals
  • Stay front of mind with clients and members 
  • Brand yourself and your association or business     
  • Implement into your recruitment sales process

Leave this seminar with an increased knowledge of LinkedIn that you can implement immediately.

Sponsored by: Crystal Mountain

Charisma and Your Association—The Five Secrets to Make Your Business Magnetic and Getting Rabid-Fan Customers
Presented by: Kordell Norton, CSP, Revenue Mechanic, Synergy Solutions, LLC
Charisma is that special something that makes businesses and people stand out.  In this entertaining and information packed presentation you will discover the secrets used by Disney, Costco, Trader Joes, and others on how they create highly engaged customers.  Highly interactive and humor filled, you can discover these easy to understand methods to turn your business into a hit. This session will grow your sales, increase your profitability, lower your marketing costs, improve employee morale and allow you to make business fun again.
State of Events – What’s Hot, What’s Not?
Presented by: Tonya Almond, CMP, Senior Director of Meeting Services, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry; Michael Dzick, CQIA, CMQ/OE, Conference Designer, American Society for Quality; Bill Martin, Strategic Sales Executive, Experient
To help meeting professionals stay on the leading edge of the industry, join the esteemed panel for an interactive discussion on what your industry partners and colleagues are planning and insights.  The meetings industry moves at bullet-train speed, and it’s not always easy to keep up. Once-trendy F&B movements such as farm-to-table cuisine and fusion foods have since become commonplace, technology continues to evolve at an incredible and sometimes exhausting rate, and it’s hard to know what separates a flashy decor idea from a flash in the pan.  Leave this can’t miss session with an understanding of what you can do to make the most of your events, maximize your budget, and increase attendance to help your meetings stay ahead of the curve.
Sponsored by: PCMA

Becoming Irresistible: How Romance Trumps Reason for Accelerating Achievement
Presented by: Renwick Brutus, MBA, Founder and CEO, Achievement Resources
Becoming irresistible is a topic that generates universal intrigue. Whether you have just started a new job, are showered with voluminous responsibilities, are seeking a promotion, have decided to build a more successful business or organization, you will always need to find ways for others to say "yes" to you, your ideas, your services, etc. Over the course of your career, your success will ultimately depend on your ability to overcome, and preferably avoid, objections and denials altogether.  This presentation will help attendees recognize that the traditional efforts for planning, organizing, and professional development would be more enjoyable and effective when they are "romanticized" and made more consistent with human experience. Participants will be helped to make simple commitments to use and share at work and at home to improve performance, results and their life experiences.
Sponsored by: Frankenmuth Chamber and Convention & Visitors Bureau

Ask the Right Questions to Get Results
Presented by: Phyllis Grummon, PhD, Founder, Haight Associates
Few skills are more important to a Chief Staff Executive (CSE) than being able to frame ‘the right question.’ Helpful questions are ones that set the stage for discussions that lead to solutions and workable agreements. If you’ve wondered why some of the questions you ask seem to go unanswered, then you’ll benefit from this session. Questions that open up options and uncover problems have some key characteristics that anyone can learn. This session provides a framework for understanding why starting questions are so important and provides practice in asking effective questions and creating common ground. 
Sponsored by: (C) Systems

Wednesday | 3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.



Dealing with the Entitlement Mentality
Presenter: Cindy Daniel, Facilitator/Speaker, Not So Basic Training
What has happened to our work ethic? Leaders are increasingly frustrated by the "entitlement mentality" that is so prevalent in the workplace today. Statistics tell us that 57% of salaried workers say they take sick days, even when they aren't sick. What can you do to change the attitude of an "entitled" employee to an "engaged" employee? We have developed this session to target these issues. We have to remember, the workplace is changing. As leaders, we have to stay on top of these changes and learn how to manage and motivate in the new environment.

Sponsored by: (C) Systems



Treasure Hunting: Smart Strategies for Growing Ad, Sponsorship and Other Nondues Revenue
Presenter: Scott Oser, President, Scott Oser Associates
In this interactive session, association executives will receive an overview of the current sales climate; learn what sponsors, advertisers and partners are looking for; and hear how you can set up and implement a sales program to get as much treasure in your organization’s pockets as possible. Session takeaways will include: diversifying your revenue stream, providing valuable ROI and turning your staff people into sales people.

Sponsored by: Crystal Mountain


Association Hunger Games: Will it be Victory or Defeat?
Presenter: Aaron D. Wolowiec, MSA, CAE, CMP, CTA, the Meetings Coach, Event Garde, LLC; Donna Oser, CAE, Director of Executive Search Services, Michigan Association of School Boards
Is your association losing revenue from declining membership or conference attendance? Before canceling that annual meeting or restructuring that membership model, join your association colleagues to take a closer look at what may be derailing your success. Utilizing two association case studies, we'll identify common symptoms of substandard implementation and develop a better understanding of common pitfalls that inhibit the successful delivery of products and services. Regain control of your association’s destiny by adopting simple, compelling processes to increase the likelihood of effective implementation. Join us during this engaging session and your programs will be catching fire before you know it. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Sponsored by: Frankenmuth Chamber and Convention & Visitors Bureau

Thursday, July 10

9:00 am-10:15 am



How Association Leaders Can Think Differently About the Future
Presented by: Jeff De Cagna, FRSA, FASAE, Chief Strategist and Founder, Principled Innovation LLC
At long last, the deep, accelerating and intensifying impact of societal transformation demands that association staff and voluntary decision-makers think in very different ways about what it will take for their organizations to thrive over the next decade and beyond. This session will explore the implications of The Age of Transformation for associations, and will challenge participants to begin the process of integrating six 21st century strategic mindsets into the work of boards, senior executives and other key contributors as they pursue the work of creating new value for current and future stakeholders.

Sponsored by: Mt. Pleasant Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel and Conference Center




It’s Not Easy Being Green
Presented by: Terry Wisner, MA, Founder and President, The CPO Institute
This session has nothing to do with frogs, but everything to do with best practices for leaders and social media agents. There are a few key differences between the organizations which leverage social media to gain members or to expand their social sphere. Experience the difference between an outstanding social media presence and being green with envy.
Sponsored by: Park Place Hotel





The Road to Relevancy in the Digital Space
Presented byNicole Meloche, President and Founder, Organik Consulting; Joe Serwach, Managing Director, Organik Consulting
The digital road is always changing. Some times just getting on the road can be the hardest part. Staying on it is like reading an outdated map. This session will identify the strategic and tactical items your organization needs to stay relevant and on the road.
Sponsored by: Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown and Hilton Grand Rapids




Marvelous Meetings: How to Make Your Events Productive and Enjoyable
Presented by: Edward Leigh, MA, President, Edward Leigh Enterprises, Inc.
Energize your meetings with fun and practical techniques. This session covers all aspects of the meeting process to create dynamic events from start to finish. Meetings must begin and end with power and this session will provide the tools to immediately capture the attention of attendees and keep them engaged throughout. No one learns when they are sleeping. This session is packed with strategies to keep your attendees awake & excited about your program content.  
Sponsored by: Ypsilanti Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Thursday | 10:45 am - 12:00 pm




Customers Come Second: Engage Your Employees First
Presented by: Edward Leigh, MA, President, Edward Leigh Enterprises, Inc.
Unhappy employees lead to unhappy customers. Regardless of the type of organization, if your staff isn't content, there is a significant likelihood your customers won't be either. This information-packed and lively program provides practical solutions for dealing with the challenges of serving customers with excellent care while simultaneously working toward improving the employee experience.  You will learn strategies to energize and empower your staff, including delivering low- and no-cost rewards that really work to motivate people, utilizing clear and concise communication, involving staff in decisions and keeping everyone physically and psychologically healthy. 
Sponsored by: Calhoun County Visitors Bureau



Ensuring a ROI Through Adult Learning
Presented by: Susan Radwan, MEd, CAE, SMP, ARM, Owner, Leading Edge Mentoring
In this provocative and engaging session, you will learn how to apply the concepts of adult learning to integrate into your professional development offerings and ensure a return on investment for your members. Come and transform your education into quality learning and leadership experiences that will stimulate the IQ and foster innovation.
Sponsored by: Ypsilanti Area Convention & Visitors Bureau



Getting Out of the Membership Box
Presenter: Jeff De Cagna, FRSA, FASAE, Chief Strategist and Founder, Principled Innovation LLC
Associations are stuck in the membership box and they are struggling to find the way out. To move their organizations forward, association leaders must think differently about how value is created in a world of digital ubiquity, as well as the kinds of relationships they are willing to co-create with stakeholders who are benefiting from the power of networks. This session will question some of the association community's most orthodox beliefs and will challenge participants to make innovation happen by harnessing the forces of transformation.
Sponsored by: Park Place Hotel



Bedrooms, Boardrooms and Battlefields
Presented by: Paul Templer, CEO, opusdynamic
Doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it and giving people a heads up when you can’t…and playing together nicely should be organizational norms, right? Research claims “Not so.” This entertaining, interactive and pragmatic session brings together lessons learned via battlefields, bedrooms, boardrooms and playing fields around the world and introduces participants to some of the core practices and commitments that enable High Performing Individuals and Teams to outperform their competitors.
Sponsored by: Mt. Pleasant Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel and Conference Center


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